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Designed for use on the Saito FG-84R3 and FG-90R3 radial gas engines, allows for fast and easy auto-starting through an onboard starter motor setup.

Will also work with a number of other engines, and can be adapted if necessary. Contact us for your specific needs.

Runs from a single +2.200mAh 3S Lipo pack, and includes all the necessary electronics to get the system working. The controller unit allows control over the starter motor, and also a separate kill switch to power your engines ignition (starter motor and engine ignition each run their own independent batteries)

The overall system increases your engine’s weight by 700g which is often beneficial to achieving the correct center of gravity when used is most warbirds.

Once mounted, the propeller hub is shifted forwards by 21mm.


  • Starter motor with gear reduction
  • Prop hub gear
  • Mounting bracket
  • Controller unit
  • Aluminium spinner for Pilot-RC P47D

Installation Guide:

For information on installing the Pilot-RC FG-90R3 Electric Starter Motor please visit: www.macgregor.co.uk/pilotrc/pil704.htm.

  • Model: PIL704

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